Human Rights Podcasts to listen to this weekend


Let’s stick to our tradition and listen to the useful human rights content! Today we are presenting a selection of great podcasts. Does the wizarding world of Harry Potter uphold human rights? What is a human rights career like? How to tell human rights stories through the arts? For answers, check our podcast selection.

  • The Rights Pod. The podcast is produced by the Center for Human Rights and International Justice at Stanford University. Each week, current and former human rights students will discuss human rights, from how they are implemented in the international system to human rights in small places, close to home.
  • Declarations. The Human Rights Podcast. A show about human rights coming to you every week from the Cambridge Centre of Governance and Human Rights. Tune in each week as their panel explores the rights and wrongs of contemporary politics, joined by fascinating guests from the University of Cambridge and around the world. The podcast brings in academics, activists, and practitioners for accessible discussions about their areas of expertise as they relate to human rights for audiences from all walks of life.
  •  The Hum is an initiative of JAYU charity that shares human rights stories through the arts. The podcast invitesartists, musicians, photographers and others, who share their personal human rights stories. With four seasons and 40 episodes, this podcast is a must for everyone interested in the connection between arts and human rights.

Photo credit: Unsplash