Nica.team is a consortium of likeminded people united to promote moot courts around the world and to pay tribute to all those who participate, organize, judge or sponsor moot court contests by restoring and maintaining memory records about the events. Extensive data allows comparing law schools and reveal their ability to grow and maintain brilliant minds.

How does NICA.team help

  • NICA.team promotes mootcourts as an intellectual sport worldwide motivating more and more law schools to join competitions
  • NICA.team makes it possible to compare law schools and enhancing the competition between them. Are you looking for a law school to get education? Check Ranking which university teaches better!
  • NICA.team helps talented students to get support from their universities as even a mere participation in a competition gives scores and raises the law school in ranking.
  • NICA.team pays tribute to organizers, participants and sponsors allowing them to access historical records and get a direct link to individual, team and lawschool profiles.
  • NICA.team helps students and teams to choose among contests and better prepare.


We invite contests’ administrators to join NICA.team to moderate their competitions within the project and to participate in NICA.team methodology development. It is free and exciting!

We also gather and accumulate data from open sources and use it to build open archives commemorating organizers, participants and sponsors.

We are happy to welcome all competitions, however, only those which match this criteria count for contributing to law schools NICA ranking:

  • Has been organized for at least for two years already
  • Among other rely on oral skills of participants
  • Has at least two teams participating
  • Does not have disputable or negative reputation

Ranking and Methodology

1) The law school’s place in the ranking is defined by 2 criteria:

  • the weight of the contests they participated in during the year
  • how far did they go in these competitions.

2) The weight of the competition is defined by the law schools participating in it.