is a volunteers based project that cooperates with moot courts, law schools, organizers and participants of competitions: students, coaches, judges and other volunteers to promote moot courting worldwide.

Let us know if you want to join us!

Law schools can edit their respective pages, provide information about moot-courts they participated in, post news on the portal, get attention of enroll students and their parents as gets thousands of visitors monthly. can assist in creating moot court community, in attracting competent coaches and choosing wise competition strategy. is also happy to assist in organization of new competitions. Contact us to get more!

Moot court competitions are more than welcome if they share the principles of fairness, transparency, non-discrimination and do not contribute to aggression or hate speech. Moot courts can administrate their pages, add information about the past or upcoming editions, use promotion of to attract more participants and judges, to contribute to moot courts Academia. We also invite representatives of moot courts to join Advisory Board. It is absolutely free of charge. Contact us to get more information.

Participants of moot courts. Everyone in is an experienced moot-courter. We know how much time and energy it takes – to be prepared and to prepare others. You make something really great and your expertise and your passion should be visible to everyone: your friends, your university, your current or future employers. Find on the moot courts you participated in and add information about your participation. Contact us if you have a question.

Leaders of moot court communities join as Ambassadors and members of Advisory Board to elaborate better decisions for the development of Contact us if this is you!

Volunteers. As any project led by enthusiasm and passion we desperately need volunteers to survive. If you have time that to dedicate it to the development of moot courting in the world –contact us! We know moot courts change lives of students. Be a part of this fascinating process!