And the winner of the 16th edition of the LAWASIA competition is…


On the 24th of October 2021, the National University of Singapore has been announced as the winner of the LAWASIA International Moot Competition 2021. The team from the University of Malaya got the runners-up title. The virtual final rounds were judged by Robert Brown, Mary Lim, and Geoffrey Ma. Congratulations to all who participated in the 16th edition of LAWASIA!

Thanks to the numerous successful results, the National University of Singapore has secured its leadership, still having the World No.1 position in the ranking of law schools! Find the full ranking here.

Press the link to know the details about the 16th edition of the LAWASIA moot court.

The LAWASIA International Moot Competition (“LAWASIA Moot”) is an annual international moot court competition that is organized by LAWASIA, an international organization mainly comprising bar associations, lawyers, judges, and academics. The moot problem ranges from international human rights to international commercial arbitration, and the venue of the competition rotates between LAWASIA member states as it is usually held in conjunction with the annual LAWASIA Conference. Around 30 to 40 law schools from around the world take part in the moot each year.