Registration for the 11th edition of RightsCon is now open


RightsCon is the world’s leading summit on human rights in the digital age.

In 2011, Access Now hosted the first-ever RightsCon (then the Silicon Valley Human Rights Conference). The organizers met with the intention to create something different: a civil society-led space where all stakeholders – from tech companies to government representatives to human rights defenders – could come together to build a rights-respecting digital future. Since then, RightsCon has rotated between five continents and grown, both in size and in scope, to meet the evolving needs of a movement. 

Every year, RightsCon brings together 1000+ speakers from a range of sectors and from all over the world: business leaders, technologists, government representatives, activists and more.  

Among past RightsCon speakers were Clint Smith – Chief Legal Officer, Discord; Anne Marie Engtoft Larsen – Denmark’s Tech Ambassador; Jane Horvath – Chief Privacy Officer, Apple; Zahra Stardust – Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Queensland University; Eileen Donahoe – Executive Director of the Global Digital Policy Incubator, Stanford; Cameron F. Kerry – Ann R. & Andrew H. Tisch Distinguished Visiting Fellow and many others.

The registration for the 11th edition of RightsCon is now open! RightsCon 2022 will be held online from Monday, June 6 to Friday, June 10, 2022.

Photo by Emma Dau/Unsplash