Law School Ranking has been Anounced!


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Our data team has just finalized 2022 ranking and while official emails are on their way to law schools we are happy to share with you some of the insights!

This year Ranking seems to be one of the largest law school rankings in the world. To calculate 2022 we analyzed participation of more than 1 700 schools in international and national moot court competitions. The main (and only) criterion for ranking is participation of law schools in moot courts (see details below). Like in a sport – only objective results count!

Some cool insights for you:

The top two (!) lines of the ranking (for the second year in a row (!) ) are taken by law schools of Singapore. However, this year they switched: Singapore Management University took the first line and National University of Singapore won the second line of the ranking. Outstanding results and congratulations to both universities! Among many other great performances these – winning Vis East and Nelson Mandela and getting into the finals of Jessup – pre-determined high positions of SMU (1). Both universities from Singapore take moot courting seriously and each year motivate students to participate in about 20 competitions (according to our records). Great work!

Winning Vis West 2022 and shining in seven other moot courts Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” (3) breaks into the top three law schools of the world and becomes number one in Europe. Last year Sofia University shared 151th (!) line in the ranking – congratulations with this unbelievable progress!

Two law schools from Australia reached the top 10 tier: Monash University (4) and University of Sydney (6). Both schools demonstrate strong performance shining in 2022 in IMLAM, both Vis moots, Ian Fletcher and Nuremberg moot courts!

University of Hamburg (5) confirms high level of legal education in Germany reaching the fifth line of the ranking and being one of the seven law schools from Germany in top 100 tier of the ranking.

Harvard University (7) – Jessup champion of 2022 – takes the seventh line in the International ranking and the first lines in both – North America and the US rankings. The USA has a very intense moot court life on national level and comparatively lower representation in international competitions. Congratulations to Harvard for its activity on both fronts!

University of São Paulo (8) demonstrates amazing results getting on 8th line of the International ranking and championing in South America and Brazil. This is an another example of a fantastic progress as the law school advanced to 8th line in International ranking from 68th place in 2021. The score breakdown demonstrates that success was delivered by advancing to the finals of ICC Mediation and a semi-final of Jessup as well as participation in six other international competitions.

King’s College London (9) reaches 9th line (being a finalist of Oxford IIP and Cross-Examination moots) in the International ranking becoming number one in the UK. In total, seven law schools of the UK are in top 100 tier of the ranking. Many of UK teams would get even higher positions if UK based moot court competitions be more transparent about the lists of participating teams.

University of Warsaw (10) is also a great example of a significant progress made in 2022. The university advanced to 10th line from 66th line in 2021. Many credits go to its team which won 2022 FDI Edition and six more teams which participated in other competitions worldwide.

University of Pretoria (19) became the best law school in Africa with only five universities from Africa reached top 100 tier. We urge moot courts’ administrators to consider additional support to teams from Africa to ensure the fair representation of the continent in international moot courts.

India delivered the highest number of top 100 teams  – 15 (!) this year, however, with no teams advanced to top 10 (last year there were four teams from India in top 10 tier).

A little note on how we calculated. uses information received directly from moot court competitions as well as from other official sources to compare universities’ participations (detailed methodology is available here). The only way for a school to get into the ranking is to participate in a moot court (mere participation also gives points). In total database holds information about 300+ moot court editions. We promote principles of transparency, fairness, and non-discrimination and encourage moot courts to make information about their competition rounds public. We do not include moot courts that are not in conformity with principles.

The mission of is to aid moot courts, promote moot courting and to help those law schools that support their moot court communities to get higher public visibility. The results that we want to achieve – more law schools to compete in moot courts and better support is given to teams by laws schools’ administrations and sponsors. We rely on a wide network of volunteers, professors, ambassadors, moot court competitions and moot court communities to provide P2P support. is a volunteer project. Have some time to invest? Get on board!

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We thank all the moot courts and volunteers who colaborated in during 2022 and look forward to having even better results in the future! Our network is growing and this is a great achievement already!

Moot court season 2023 has started already. Starting from the 1st of April will start indicating 2023 ranking with monthly updates.

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